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Three days to live

BRR Countrband

1. His And Hers
2. Getting Warmer
3. Three Days To Live
4.  Simply Complex
5. Good Old Boys R Us Night
6. Last Teardrop
7. Building Walls
8. Take It From Me
9. King Of The Kenworth
10. 50 Cards, A Case Of Beer And A Pack Of Cigarettes
11. Carver Holler
12. Things I Can’t Turn Down
13. I Saw Stars
14. WhenYouSaid You Where In Love

Produced and recorded by: BRR Switzerland 2014

All songs published by Liva Music

Mixing & Fixing by Mike Turtle

Mastering by Sage Audio Studio Nashville

Barbarella West, Im Reinacherhof 345, 4153 Reinach/BL
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